German immigrants fouded Anfora in 1920 in Mexico City, driven by the desire to produce high quality ceramics. In 1995 Anfora moved to Pachuca, where over 1000 people operate the most modern ceramic manufacturing facilities in Latin America with over 800,000 square feet.The annual production surpasses 7.5 million pieces. We are commited to quality (impact resistance), design (adaptability) and service (delivery times and stock). Over the last years, Anfora has focused on the institutional market, where durability and delivery times are critical. We can apply logos, bands, borders and enamels starting from 500 pieces. We produce vitrified porcelain, meaning zero water and bacteria absorption and high impact resistance. Our collections include over 500 designs, from the world’s bestsellers to square, rolled edge, coupe and soft square shapes. Our home-made enamels are an excellent choice for Farm-to-Table applications. 

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