Meet the confirmed exhibitors in ABASTUR

Company No. Stand Category
Acrilicos Sablon 2005 Products and supplies
Air Master Ventilacion Industrial 1721 Kitchen equipment
Aislopuertas 2904 Other
Alto Shaam Inc 1301 Kitchen equipment
Amara Huevo San Juan Proan 1933 Food
American Hardwood Export Council 3223 Decoration
Amigo del Chef 2523 Kitchen equipment
Anfora 1109 Appliances
Anfora 1117 Appliances
Anfora 1117 A Appliances
Antica Vineria D Italia 2550 Beverages
Armony Manteleria 2100 Textiles
Avancom 923 Cleaning Products
Aviko 804 Food
Axionlog 1617 Services
Bachoco 2617 Food
Bakan 1505 Furniture
Bar Presto/Inventario para Bar 2400 Technology
Basculas Methrology 1820 Kitchen equipment
Basculas Noval 1935 Electrical and Electronic
Beauty Color 1800 Textiles
Belara 2300 Food
Bellavita 109 Other
Besser Vacuum America 417 Kitchen equipment
BH Cristaleria y Regalos 605 Appliances
Bio Products 2500 Products and supplies
Blime 1308 Appliances
Borner Productos Alemanes 1029 Food
Buffetware 1217 Appliances
Bunn O Matic Corporation 1835 Kitchen equipment

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